Khaya Dludla’s implicit conversant sense of style!

You cannot be in fashion and not know that Khaya Dludla has been inhaling style awards since the start of season. He came 6th on GQ’s Best Dressed Men of the year list and won the ultimate Male Style Icon at Africa Fashion International’s annual African fashion awards. You don’t need me to tell you that the man spends a large amount of time building his repertoire, the result of which is a well put together individual with laudable style.

Being a good friend of Khaya’s I thought I’m in a perfect position to get an exclusive with him and uncover his mode secrets. So we met up and midway through a structured conversation I realised that I care very little about random robotic Q&As because together, we have been through so much in fashion and it just sounded weird interviewing a chum about stuff I already know –it’s all we ever talk about when we are not eating out or drinking in or dancing everywhere or posing for flashes or shopping in clandestine spots or… well, you get my drift!

Oh you knew I would take it here!

Truth be told, Khaya knows his clothes and it would seem they too know him, if the accolades are anything to go by!



5 thoughts on “Khaya Dludla’s implicit conversant sense of style!

  1. My my my, MJ knows how I just adore Khaya, ever since I met him @ tht very weird club we went to back in the days,he was just my favourite man.he looks awesome,hot,classy and just sooo amlaziiing.would love to meet him again very soon 😉

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