Oh cap me Gavin Rajah, why don’t ya!?

You know that feeling when you are almost sure that if you were to break out in chorus, at least 25 other people will join you in a flash mob and form a musical number that will always be embossed in onlookers’ minds? No? Well, neither did I, until I fell deep in love with a remarkable metallic open crown peak cap head piece as seen in Gavin Rajah’s esteemed LUMINESCENT LUXURY collection at Mercedes Benz Fashion Week Africa.

Gavin’s shows are always a treat because he serves his mastery showmanship alongside sensible execution and the unmatched usage of luxury fabrics. The toppers fitted in very well in an ultra feminine collection which boasted laser cut vinyl blossoms, quilted cameos with gold bullion embroidery, opulently beaded details, gossamer Chantily lace and elements from the 1950s as the “golden age” of baseball! The way I’m lusting over the headpiece, I’ve gone as far as planning a few future outfits around it… because one can never have too much on a (coming) birthday wish list. (You can’t possibly miss this hint).



One thought on “Oh cap me Gavin Rajah, why don’t ya!?

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