Staggeringly rumpling about my feathers!!

WHOAH!! My head is still buzzing from last week’s feather awards. The hype gets larger every year and event always delivers. The feathers are the only awards gig everyone dresses up for; it probably has to do with the gay links. Who am I kidding? It’s all about the gays! Anyway, I would have loved to take a lot of pics of gorgeous people who just flooded the air with awesomery, but you see, yours truly had the rad duty to present an award on the evening (Well Styled Female went to Minnie Dlamini.) and I really couldn’t be smizing at a sight of a flashlights whilst my knees knocked frenziedly.

You don’t see it? No?

Oh! Inspiration for the night’s outfit really came together less than two hours before the do. I knew I would be wearing the flat fur leopard print bolero I recently bought at MSC Boutique because when I saw it, I knew that my planned look was totally trumped. What ended up put together resembled a Matador uniform (check high waisted leather pants with a gold belt and a long sleeved midriff bolero with gold trimming) meets ghetto bling queen (check layered gold chains, the new huuur and an attitude to match).

Ain’t he juuurst FINE!?

THE SIR also wore his first adult suit. The thing is, he grew up as one of those kids who owned three piece suits and stuff, so I suppose going for a long time sans one was some sort of rebellion. He hooked up a Craig Port number a few months ago and wore it with classic Chuck Tailor All Stars, dotted black tie and two tiny bunny pins. Lord have mercy, he looked fine!

… Say it, eat it!

Straight outta the pillow!!!


Everyone brought the hell out of it too!!!

A gent is a gent, is a gent,, is a gent!

an (almost) all black every thing kinda party!

Somebody called for a code red!!!



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