When Trevor took it!!

You know when you really don’t want to brag and circumstances just seem to want to launch a war against your…erm beliefs!? (total tongue out moment). Dear reader you can’t possibly ignore that I called Trevor Stuurman’s colossal beaming leading light right after meeting him in July this year (cue one of those slow-moment-like triumph anthems). Well, I have since sort of adopted him as a kid brother in fashion –yes, I am a do-gooder too and he has recently won the coveted Elle Style Reporter position with Elle Magazine and Blackberry. Style lovers, readers of Elle Magazine South Africa and rulers of the blogosphere all met at an event in downtown Joburg’s Maboneng Precinct on Tuesday the 20th November to witness the top seven chosen bloggers participate in their final challenge aiming for the big price. You see, throughout the contest, entrants went through a cocktail of tests to prove that they are deserving of a career in the fast paced world of all things fab. To break it down to you, Trevor walked away with a seven-month contract to report on trends and events. Between December 2012 and June 2013, he will receive regular exposure in ELLE as well as on the ELLE and BlackBerry®digital and social media platforms, receive a stipend of R10 000 per month and be equipped with all the resources to carry out the Style Reporter role, including a BlackBerry® BoldTM 9790 smartphone – plus the opportunity to have an international experience and meet a top international fashion blogger! Are you jelli? Yah, I know!

Final Challenge vibez: Live Blogging?

So at the do, this is what we wore!

The invitation called for Street Style Chic and I was NOT about to miss out on it!

Once, twice x3 Maria McCloy did it right on that running shoes steez!

love IT when girls bring IT!!

“Sandy-Blouse” brought his gane face, knocked it out of the park wearing Meggings and kicked it off the pitch with his sneaker wedge deal!

One must NEVER question two pieces of fierce…NEVER!!

Her royal gorgeousness all throned up!

Snapped on elle.co.za HEEEEEYYY!

Well done Trevor!





4 thoughts on “When Trevor took it!!

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