VIP member of style!

This might come as a shock to most of you but I have never really been a member of anything. Strange I know, but I’ve always used my “individualism” to back-bend and duck against severe FOMO. Now I keep bouncing off walls because I have just joined a stylish circle of cool kids, or cool gentlemen –if you may. My name is Mahlatse James and I am the newest member of Kurt Geiger’s advantageous VIP member. Want an in? ok, it’s not very difficult really. I grew up on Kurt Geiger, I know and trust the brand so I didn’t hesitate to hit up my nearest KG flagship and register for membership. Surprisingly, I didn’t have to deal with silly requirements and/ or samples of anything. Got a ring a few days ago, to go in and pick up my plastic pal.


Not too bad a collection… considering that I really have just started!

I am currently on a Red Flag Status level which will escalade depending on my relations with the label. Following Red is a White Flag Status, then the Black Flag Status and Velvet Flag Status. So far, I am eligible to earn 10 points for every Rand I spend at KG (5 on a Sale event), an incredible discount bonus off my first R1000-00 purchase, up to 20% off during advised promotions, complimentary tailoring on all my KG goodies and access to SUITCASE, which is SA’s first online wardrobe wishlist. All of these get higher, bigger and festooned with a bundle of extra cool services as I (aim to) exercise my newest card!!!

On the flip side it is!


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