Suzaan Cements this Summer!!

I Mahlatse James (the third), hereby consecrate Suzzan Heyns a reign among living fashion legends. Ok. Maybe not that level of dramatisation, but hey, I’m queer, it comes with it!!! *insert chimes herein*. I ADORE Suzaan Heyns, I love her creations, her interpretations, her collaborations, her fine eye to detail and her ruby lips. To the nub of it though, if you have any interest in fashion at all, you would know about her most topical endeavour yet. It was in April this year when darling Suzaan revealed her Summer 2012/13 collection at South African Fashion Week, in collaboration with PPC… Yes. The cement people! A tad unneeded for me to point out that she delivered a wide collection abeam with her signature “architectural sentiment which has feminine twists (even the menswear), with concepts derived from avant garde ideals and classic silhouettes”. This week sees a launch of her label’s summer campaign, produced by Charis Dawson, photographed by Pieter Vosloo and styled by Eduard Bruwer. Much like her runway collection it delivers all that is well thought, fierce, and an ability to make for a rad future in style! About the clothes I hear you ask? Let’s take a strut down a not-so-far memory lane, shall we?

PPC Cement’s history in promoting arts and the creative use of concrete stretches over two decades, through its long-lasting Young Concrete Sculptor Awards (YCSA) competition which promoted the use of the material in the fashion world. Suzann Heyn’s runway collection took up the challenge and flew sky high with it. First the models’ face make-up boasted textural blemishes created using cement, her timeless usage of leather peeped in hints of fine tailoring and the colour palette is my favourite for the season, part amazing greys, part fading stone and part folded etherealic. Beautifully draped details made out of concrete were without a doubt, elements of a WOW-SLAP-SOMEBODY-DARN-GOOD factor! I want EVERYTHING from this line… EVERYTHING!

All runway pics courtesy of SDR Photos.

Suzaan Heyn’s Sumemer 2012 Campaign, make up by MAC and Hair by Nicci from Wyatt Hairdressing.


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