Having major FUN. for the Red Cap and Mr Price

MR Price FUN

You know I have a thing for Mr Price’s RED CAP FOUNDATION right? Yeah, I’m totally feeling how the awe-inspiring fashionier (I like, totally made that up. Like it? yeah, me too) is going all active on a penchant to integrate all kinds of awesome elements whilst elevating the state of style. I am all for that! This time, I’m going crazy over the co-lab with FUN. yes.  The rad trio of the “We Are Young” fame. Mr Price got together with the rock-pop-indie band and they designed a fetching line of limited edition t-shirts. AND for a purchase of each tee, R10 will go to the RED CAP FOUNDATION… how rad!?


I too, jumped on that steez with my own FUN. T-shirt I wore with THE SIR’s Jeans (say boyfriend jeans now) and old waistcoat –THE SIR’s too, styled with a Zulu love letter pin, a Mr Price peak cap –Heeey and Oh, can you spot my newest NEON shopper from Mr Price!? Yeah, that’s just how I roll.



Mahlatse James FUN



Doing and looking good through music. I’m soooo down for it!


3 thoughts on “Having major FUN. for the Red Cap and Mr Price

  1. This is fun n playful writing. It is one of my favourate writing from you. Just having fun with the pen while telling a serious story. I think we shuold all buy this cap to support the foundation there is nothing cooler than responsible fashion.

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