It (was) my party, and I’ll slide if I want to!

Mahlatse James Birthday

Before you go ahead and start creaming threat pies my way, I would like to please extend apologies for being something of a stranger in these parts. These past few weeks were to me what I can only imagine… ok, never mind. -So intense that my spouse and I are currently on a mini vacation in the coast. As I write this post, I am sitting on a stool made of reeds facing the Table Mountain at less than a hundred feet away and the sea down the road. So I’ve been receiving a lot of mail from people who seemed to care about a report from my Birthday on the 8th. You’d think they’d mail a gift or something –sad sods… long tale nipped, I had a little shinding at The Loft in Melville (many thanks to the few who pulled through) and thought it would be fun to theme it MJ –giant mistake as all of five people came dressed for it. anywho, here are a few images of what came to me one of my darling days of the year. ENJOY!!!

Wide-leg pants by RELIGION were my go-to steez

Wide-leg pants by RELIGION were my go-to steez

Ain't she a peach!

Ain’t she a peach!?

Got the eyes of THE SIR did too...

Got the eyes and nails of THE SIR did too…

Tumelo Thekiso MJ AND STUFF


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