Loving Louis Leather!

Louis Vuitton Leather Details Mahlatse James

As you might have gathered from the Tweet side of things, last night insomnia did me in. you know when it gets so bad that it inspires a need to reel out all your threads and do right by the iron? Yeah… that kind. So, I dealt with it the only way my kinds (style knights) know how. Stalk the hell out of all friends away on fashion missions abroad. That was all fun and stuff until one overly chirpy pal flung a question which had me unknotting flat braids I had begun out of boredom. She dared to require of me to mention just one fashion Ooh-la-la moment I might have experienced with this year’s menswear collections (this was when my hands commenced an unruly march through my mini ‘fro). A lot did like a marathon runner throughout my head, I thought of everyone from Versace’s cannot-miss –warrior- of-the metal story or Dolcѐ and Gabbana’s eageless homage to the label’s Sicilian roots. I even brought it home to consider Roman Handt’s indescribable shape shifting line or Ephymol’s soft tailoring show-offs. Only upon my wake (not many moments ago) did I know for certain that I am growing because of the way I fell in lust with leather at Louis Vuitton Fall 2012 showcase.

Manning up the runway!

Manning up the runway!


As Kim Jones’s second season working as the Director of the Men’s studio for the fashion power house, the industry sat up right and rewarded him a very well warranted ovation. The collection titled Paris Tokyo was every bit new, manly, exciting and so archetypal Vuitton that when 10 Magazine rebranded their 31st issue headlined THE NOT SO CLASIC ISSUE, (love the new 3D logo) it only made sense to have Lachaln Bailey photograph Erik Anderson wearing a few pieces on the cover and in the nine page story of the main book.  I still go crazy mad over the leather infusion in the collection. This is not a collection for rebellious little boys defying traditionalism, no; this is a grown-ass man collection which carries LV’s long-established affinity for travel among many a luxurious signature. Leather appeared in diverse degrees throughout the range; edging of the berets and piping on jackets whispered subtlety, whilst full on skin was a loud call through textural totes, elbow patchwork and some jackets.

Issue 31 of 10 MEN, AUTUMN 2012

Issue 31 of 10 MEN, AUTUMN 2012


I love that the collection was very winter without forcing a particular trend down anyone’s throat. Paris Tokyo does not dictate, if anything it is merely set to remind the brand’s symbolic man of the world that with all the happenings, it is important to never dissolve one’s sartorial direction… all though a bits in leather!


LV leather as styled by Ashley Mackie.

LV leather as styled by Ashley Mackie.



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