Jacket so fine, it deserves another wear!

Round 2. Off to dinner we went.

Round 2. Off to dinner we went.

Being in fashion can seem tricky to people looking in from outside the industry. I say this because there is a certain notion that if you are an industry darling of sorts, one is only allowed to rock a killer outfit or piece once *as I reference that compelling piece in Elle Magazine South Africa from last month, about the very statement*. On the real though, it comes very easy to fall victim to fashion and sometimes miss an opportunity to appreciate non-conventional (yet super stylin’) items. Perfect example; who can possibly claim to not understand my affair with that rad ¾ sleeves blue/ green. Part Asian print, part something near paisley print jacket I bought from MSC boutique’s much loved vintage wares. I wore the jacket on that awesome evening when Trevor Stuurman was caped Elle’s Style Reporter in association with Blackberry ®. The thing is, I believe your clothes are yours you are afforded the right whatever the hell you want with it –as long as you avoid looking like a an idiot. I believe in this motion so much that even though this jacket is something of a loud number, I aim to stretch its mileage, so long as I can invent newer ways to wear it. You know, merchandise it some topical bits. My name is Mahlatse James and I am for giving amazing clothing a second, third, fourth, fifth and sometimes a six chance.



Mahlatse James MSC Boutique


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