More gratifying GUESS-like moments please!!!

guess turns 30 featuring Claudia

After reading this post, you are likely to ask for reasons why/ when did fashion people become so hearty and mushy and stuff. With just a few hours into the New Year, I have found myself once again in one of those discussions with fellow friends about trying to round up the best, better and somewhat good from last year’s fashions. My point was really a no brainer. Claudia Schiffer making a return to celebrate Guess’ 30 years in threadery business was for me, the bomb-diggz!




Schiffer was reunited with magic photographer Ellen von Unwerth for the milestone campaign and like they did 23 years ago, the result was not short of the label’s sexiness, a significant amount of charm and an element of timelessness. Claudia has never looked better (at age 42) and now I know without a shadow of doubt that 30 is the new-new.  From here onwards, GUESS shall be known as the force to have resurrected denim’s affair with fashion.

Claudia Schiffer Guess 30 years

I’m sure I speak for many when I say that if 2013 promises to bring more excitements of this sort, we’re bound to witness less bitch moments.

30 years guess



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