Blouse up that Mountain you Sandiso!

MJ AND STUFF Sandiso Ngubane
I’m trying to think of one song as my goodbye soundtrack to Sandiso Ngubane and I cannot think of any. Not one. Never mind that we have dropped it down low and brought it up slow many a times. I just must come to terms with the fact that this goodbye vibe is not my cup of Rooibos.

It just ain't gonna be the same no-more!

It just ain’t gonna be the same no-more!

@Sandiso_N has recently traded his Joziburg fashion blouse for coastal threads movements and it goes without saying that he will do all kinds of great in the Cape of Good Hope. TRUST, this one is a style Ninja of note. You see, I do admire the guts of my dear friend, he decided that he was moving city and nothing could stand in his way. That right there is the type of attitude I wish to adopt… someday.

Mahlatse James Sandiso Ngubane

You don’t need luck darling one. Let your freak flag fly!


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