This post would have been all kinds of cool if I opened lead with lyrics from that popular jam, loudly performed at EVERY graduation gig… imagine the nerdy flavour. Anywho, for a little longer than a basic human should, I’ve been totally hooked on studying fashion’s many affairs with almost everything. Well, at the moment I’m crazy about the tightness of threads and technology. Not the dull random type of hook-ups we see everywhere. Nope. I am all for the new and thrilling fashion meets tech relationships.

Watching Dax Martin, calling on Super powers with Burg.

Watching Dax Martin, calling on Super powers with Burg.

This is completely ambassadorial; since I refuse to see wrong in anything attached to the Dax Martin Brand thus far. The last collection I have seen of Dax, was at last year’s Mercedes-Benz Africa Fashion Week where the designer presented –yet again, an astonishing collection of swimwear. I ran into Dax a few days before he got to showcase and he excitedly let me in on a collab with Burg Watch Phones in association with Glocell. Obviously, I didn’t get it. I mean a watch/cell phone device alongside bikinis and bras? How? I pondered. True to his word –as always, by the time I got the awesome opportunity to see the show live, the watch phone he tried showing to me was very present in the collection which breathed all colours one could referenced from spy-esque comic books plus sporty elements. The watch phone in question is an item of dreams I just must say.  Who couldn’t possibly want the innovative possibility of running one’s life from the wrist?

How Diane von Furstenberg Sprung into the Google Project Glass.

How Diane von Furstenberg Sprung into the Google Project Glass.


Often, when I speak about Diane von Furstenberg, I never neglect to mention that she is one super inventor. The way she loves and appreciates newity is too astonishing. You might have read the gazillion Tweets about the label’s Spring 2013 ready-to-wear collection showcased last September at the New York Fashion Week, where the seemingly fierce nomadic line with a sound Mediterranean feel shared the ramp with the equally stylish ultramodern Google Project Glass. Now these are the-bomb-dot-com.   According to a write up in Marie Claire SA’s Jan 2013 issue “Google’s Project Glass features augmented reality-enhanced glasses that project the weather, calendars and pictures right before your eyes.” Awesome much? Totally voice-controlled and is a bit like a smart phone too, which means one can make calls, send messages, take snaps and record videos.

I am no tech wiz but I’ll be damned if fashion’s progression blinks a laser beam into oblivion without me!




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