Stefalux Jewellery

The “month of love” means so many different things to different people to some, (myself included) it means gifts. To a few, it has that should-totally-be-celebrated holiday-ish feel about in (I am somewhere in there too) and the rest, well…nobody really cares about the rest. A very palpable example of this is in every mall, market stall and fashion pages in a magazine around this time, every year.  I couldn’t help it. I gave in. yes, I gave into this unrecognisable (yet totally fabulous) gist in the air which seems to always bring fragile romantics like me down to our knees and enthusiastically embrace everything in the name of this crazy little thing called LOVE. My love is physical, chic and so very proudly South African. I have all kinds of crushes on Steffi Varoli’s minimalistic Stefalux jewels available at . Not only are these items handmade in Cape Town, but each piece is classic, luxurious and very unique in design. I personally love that when trying to achieve this minimalistic feel, the brand did not compromise top quality -Steffi happens to have studdied luxury brand management in Florance, Italy. I am not asking for much, all I need is two pieces from this line in my life… for valentine of course! ring ring AND STUFF - Peace ring white



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