Mahlatse James Blog Street Style Naledi Mothapo

One’s name carries so much. This I have firsthand experience of because my name translates luck in SePedi and it would be dumb of me to discount lady luck’s heavy presence in the series of events that have led to where I am in my life right now.  This past Sunday I had long overdue luncheon (a whole year to be exact) with a dear friend fittingly named Naledi –translation (in all dialects in SeSotho): STAR and may I add that she is all rays and so much more. As we caught up on all the happenings in our lives, respectively, I couldn’t help but suss out her choice of dress-up, to which she gushed “oh, I simply wore this to church this morning and thought would be perfect for this too”. At that very moment, I was drowning in my own cheesiness whilst soaking up the dusking Sandton Sun. Naledi wore a layered honey-pot yellow shift dress sans accessories and she just beamed with all kinds of brightness. Ok I may have exaggerated the lighting a bit but I do believe the energy in these few snaps will translate exactly what I mean. My gift to you this Tuesday… my friend, a BIG BRIGHT SHINNING STAR!

Naledi Mothapo Street Style Mahlatse James Blog

A whole book of pretty!

A whole book of pretty!

perfect day make-up: CHECK!!!

perfect day make-up: CHECK!!!

South African Street Style Mahlatse James



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