Lucia Mthiyane Jazz Sphiatown Melville, Mahlatse James

I have come to realise that I often spoil myself rotten. Yep, one must be honest with oneself you know. As much as I hate a life of systems –yes, I am the type of bloke who rebels against any form of routine; I have to admit that my Sundays weave around a delightful habit. The coming April will mark my year long affair with Lucia Mthiyane’s weekly live jazz performances at Sophiatown in Melville and I didn’t even see it coming.  Not that I am whining, no, it makes absolute sense; I have adored Lucia since we met a few years ago through a mutual friend and it turns out we both have bottomless lust for life and all things fiercely fabulous. And, even though we (Lu and I) have never really brought it up in our near-daily conversations, it is very evident that we get an internally piercing kick out of reeling out our “Sunday best” fashions, week in and week out… if the pics are anything to go by.

Lucia Mthiyane MJ AND STUFF

I woke up today thinking about my most fave look of hers thus far, large as the image library is; I have to go with last week’s timeless gear-up. I love that this look does not possess any sharp; none of it had to do with “newity” or desires to boost any fashionista’s silly sealed envelope. Nope, just a sexy lady from Umlazi radiating in a vintage A-line skirt from Rags and Lace, cinched with a Hemes leather belt while clad in a white bustier from ZARA and towering high in her strappy heels from ALDO. Highly fashioning, I say!!

Mahlatse James Lucia Mthiyane

But then again all of this could be because I secretly live my dream to perform killer lip synched musical numbers to a gazillion adoring fans, complete with set changes and a designer wardrobe… I KID!!


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