Men wear skirts. It is as simple as that. We have to stop trying to be deep about it. Men can/could/choose to don a skirt just as much as next would pick a pair of fawn chinos over indigo jeans on a random occasion. I’m not even going into pathetic reasoning always suggestive of Alphaism trumping whatever “comes second”. That’s just dumb and not worth a burp. I have worn skirts many a time for the love of good style and it had absolutely nothing to do with the need to drag or the desire to circulate air around my guy bits. None of that. I merely saw Dion Chang doing it fiercely and decided to follow suit. Having that rant out of the way, I must say, how super remarkable does fashion royalty Abiah look in this dazzling leather circle skirt from enviable AMEN Couture line? He wore it last Friday to Kitcheners and he looked nothing of a wimp and you know me, Mr. liker-of-things supreme, I pushed for a chat with him about the skirt issue and Abiah spilled: “before the whole pants story, our ancestors wore skirts, so why can’t I? Liberate your mind and your closet will be filled with more options”.  When I asked about Zero people who always find the need to make a big hoo-hah about dudes in skirts he further said: “some people make a great big deal about wearing skinny jeans IN THIS DAY AND AGE so this deviation from a common silhouette probably come across as too foreign to their overly comfortable asses.”  Fully agreed –chants me. I also simply must reference Siphiwe Mpye’s awesome piece in the current issue of Marie Claire SA –commemorating the bravery of men’s fashion choices.  To quote his mastery scripting he typed; “we are long past the age of arbitrary labels and are in a space where self-expression shouldn’t even raise a flutter on your newsfeed”. LOVE IT!



Wanna see more boys unashamedly doing right by the skirt? Check it on my fave Tumblr to date.



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