Sandiso Ngubane Sneaker Wedge MJ AND STUFF

Going into the fashion industry, I have always thought that I would exercise my ability to play the devil’s advocate and try to approach every trend with equal amounts of fairness. I chuckle like a mad human as I write this post (in a bid to try my very best to not fling my head in shame) because I have witnessed and shunned at births of many a clothing movement which later grew beyond my belief. For example: the persistence of a sneaker wedge. I remember very well, how I reasoned against the idea of heeled hightops. I brought in “logic” and functionality in my arguments and went as far as reeling in styling impossibility –or so I thought. May I add that this was over four seasons ago? Back to it, I now find myself warming up to the existing styles thus far and it has absolutely everything to do with Sandiso Ngubane having rocked the hell out of a stunning tan and fawn pair at a fashion event last year. He styled them up so well, even the most untrusting of people could have tripped and fallen deeply in love. Then there was the issue of accessibility, crews of clients and friends aimed at my desk with challenging requests at the time before the shoe even hit the market. Now, the sneaker wedges is a must-have item and retailers have gone crazy mad with a wide variety. My top favourite is Le Coq Sportif’s Monge shoe (check pics below). With an elegant, feminine outline, it blends toile cotton and perforated suede for a retro sporty appearance. A thing of beauty, I say.  Perhaps heels and comfort can come together in a very stylish way. These babbies go for R1099.00





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