Beyoncѐ + H&M = some serious stylin’ promise!

Beyonce H&M Summer 2013 MJ AND STUFF

You know you love someone just enough  when you are able to remove your argument from a stanning point to give credit where it is due and fiercely call them out at the sight of Kak. That is the kind of relationship I have with King Bey… in my head –note how I laced the heck outta the “bow down” hot mess there. Anywho, it turns out that the hisses from earlier in the year were true. Bey fronts the current H&M Summer ’13 campaign (shot in the Bahamas, of course) and in proper super star fashion, she looks all kinds of alluring. The overall perception built around the campaign, fittingly headlined “Beyoncѐ as Mrs Carter in H&M” includes the idea that women could very well be all things: strong, vulnerable, sensual, maternal, fun, flirtatious. VIVA!! And erm, once again; to hell with the “Bow Down” rubbish.  According to H&M’s Head of Design Ann-Sophie Johansson; “Beyoncѐ had input into the design, they are full of her own personal style.” Now, frankness dictates that I should be fair and mention that as much as Bey never really breaks any fashion boundaries, -like, never, we cannot ignore the fact that she is always nicely put together and her style is definitely trustworthy. The retailer’s promise:  The“summer campaign starring Beyoncé is an epic fantasy, with glamour, drama and also a sense of paradise. It was amazing to watch her on the shoot make it all look effortless – a quality that makes her such an icon for women around the world. The campaign is the essence of Beyoncé, and also the essence of H&M this summer,” says Donald Schneider, Creative Director, H&M. The collection will be available all over the world and on the net in May. I personally cannot wait. In the meantime, why not design plans around my current obsession at H&M right now? From their Summer ’13 lookbooks.

"...but you're just a boy..."

“…but you’re just a boy…”

"who run this mutha..."

“who run this mutha…”





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