smacs Owl Poster MJ AND STUFF

The owl is still in vogue, *claps once*. Just when I thought the bird of prey has seen its better days as the totem of cool and met a fabulous dusk, it keeps true to its mysterious nature and resurrects a sought position as an icon of our generation. This time last year, eagle owl figurines dangled all over chainworks were all the rage, brought into the style front with the thunderous “age of the Aquarius” fashion trend which erupted a phenomenon in its own right. When the trend trickled down and got claimed by the self deemed inner city hippies, the owl moved on in a persistent rhythm and updated from a regular metallic form to flirt with other fabrics. Evidence? Here below.

The good-doing cool fashion factor.

As seen on page 81 os GLAMOUR SA March 2013

As seen on page 81 of GLAMOUR SA March 2013

Featured in the current issue of Glamour SA,’s Funeka Ngwevela (Also a GLAMOUR Women of the year Style Icon for 2012) partnered with The Heartfelt Project to create the “Ingcaphephe” brooch (R40) and charm (R55) modelling the cutest owls ever.  All in a bid to look hella stylish, whilst doing some good for a worthy cause.  Click here for a hook up.

The cuddly point.

Lindiwe Suttle Owl

The other day I was in Cape Town and ran into the gorgeous and ever so stylish Lindiwe Suttle a few minutes after she had just bought a seemingly plush cuttie for as a gift for a friend. Even I got all fuzzy and stuff on the inside when she zealously showed it to me before posing for my flash.

The charming daily chum.

owl Phone pouch MJ AND STUFF

This adorable cell phone cover from Mr Price belongs to a friend of mine and ticks all the boxes of cute.

SIDE NOTE: how very dare I not share THE SIR’s fondness of owls too? No, it is an obsession he has. Right atop the bookshelf in our lounge, roosts a total of four outlandish owls. Not one, not two; FOUR. All carved in rather interesting forms. *Throws hands in the air*.

So yeah, the owl is totally happening.  All we have to do is wait and watch its next move!


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