MJ AND STUFF double Breasted Jacket Mahlatse James

Oi, I have yet another confession. I have secretly always counted a double breasted jacket trend as one I would probably never try. Not that I had issues and thought of myself as short and fat or anything, none. Not ever. I think the idea of “having to be buttoned up” all the time –even when sitting, is a tad off-putting. I love my freedom in fashion (whether I exercise them or not).  That being said, I inexplicably caught feelings for the item known as the “dude corset” as it hit retail availability. In these images, I wore my lucky find from MSC Boutique’s vintage rail. When I met this jacket, I knew I was in –no, I have not named it… yet. I too penetrated the inner circle of well styled boys and do many a double take when donned in this fine piece of design. Thank heavens I am of a lanky built, so getting crazy mileage out of it is an essential part of my styling.  The advantages of which include framing one’s body by adding thickness across the shoulder line whilst slightly nipping in a lengthy portion of one’s waist area, giving the wearer an ideal classic masculine appearance. Here’s to my six buttoned winter staple and many different ways to style it up!!

Mahlatse James Double Breasted Blazer MJ AND STUFF

One thought on “CHEERS TO(ME,) A (double-) BREAST MAN.

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