Stylin’ with Caddy


The evening I met’s Caddy though a mutual friend, I knew I had to blog about him A.S.A.P. His all time rad swag is unmistakably well put together and shouldn’t go unrecognised. I met up with him at the Lamunu Hotel in Braamfontein and over sour ciders, we spoke about his style. Here below are five facts about the multi talented Caddy.

  • His birth name is Teboho and he is the middle child a close knit family based from the East Rand. He was named Caddy after serving as his golf playing father’s caddy for a while in his younger years.
  • He has always wanted a part in the media industry if his many auditions are anything to go by. You name a show currently on the telly; he has probably auditioned for it.
  • When it comes to style, Caddy has always made topical choices. His bold fashion choices match his great personality. He says to always keep it unique, clean and having fun with colours and accessories.
  • Caddy is a founding member of Konstollation Klan –an urban cool sub-culture involved in various activities with fashion being the midpoint of expression.
  • He was head –hunted as a South African correspondent of MTV’s online show after the producers saw his audition tape for a popular vj search competition.

My interview with him was for another publication, so I cannot really get much into it here, I will certainly keep you in the know. In the meantime, keep up with him over here!



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