Brooks Brothers deal Gatsby fashions!

Brooks Brothers for Great Gatsby MJ AND STUFF

I am a sucker for anything with a relevant period reference. I can almost go as far as crediting F. Scott Fitzgerald for my decision to go into fashion post graduating high school. Anyone who was in the class of 2004 would testify that my eyes went larger than large everytime clothes were mentioned in The Great Gatsby and I have since reeled in my fascination with fashion of the 1920s into almost every conversation. The era where modernism in menswear reigned paramount, I have gone as far as styling my looks as such –GQ Best dressed Men of the year awards 2012 anyone?   Anyway, the legendary Brooks Brothers have partnered with Catherine Martin –costume designer for the star studded remade movie to create mens wardrobe in the film (which are based on the archival Brooks Brothers) and they are currently retailing a limited edition collection inspired by the film. I know the Gatsby fever will take on in a big way -with the movie hitting the big screen next month and what better way to join in than don a few pieces. The collection in the lookbook below is available to purchase here. I am all kinds of thrilled!!







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