FINALLY!! An entire week after South African Fashion Week and I am spending the weekend in, trying to settle the chaos in my head and hopefully type out my thoughts. This has been one beast of a week and I am not about to bore you all with details. Let’s just get to it; my love for themes was once again fully exercised. Well… themes I set alone, panicking like a mad human I am whilst panting ferociously and throwing suggestive looks at my non-budging spouse’s wardrobe –I always do this, I don’t  know why but I do it all the time. I went with a look I can best describe as an intersection where dandyism and androgyny would link up for tea or whiskey or juice or whatever. Blouses with knotted collars were a common trend and the rest sort of found its own place.

Mahlatse James SAFW DAY1 Look

Day1: This look was only really finalised an hour before show. You know the mantra goes “before stepping out of the house, one must always remove an item”? I did the opposite and stacked those gold rings (paying homage to Bee Diamondhead) as I yelled HOLD-THE-LIFT!

Mahlatse James SAFW DAY 2

Day2: A tricky one, trying to negotiate the functionality of pleatedd super wide legs and the rain. Sans a game plan, it came together when I threw on a fitted black blazer and some tennis shoes. I even went dancing with the out of towners later on.

Mahlatse James SAFW DAY 3

Day3: I always expect people to feel and look a hot mess on the final day of fashion week. My survival tack: teaming prescription spectacles with a wide-brimmed had. I also adopted a black lip for good measure –why the hell not?!

I really do try to squeeze all the life out of my themes…


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