Catch me all over Errol Arendz’s SALE this weekend!

Errol Arendz Summer Campaign MJ AND STUFF

I get a fuzzy feeling Every time I see a red tape spread diagonally with SALE capped all over. If it is a designer sale, I throw my hands in the air a break down in a dance I am almost certain nobody understands. I have received word about THE sale of the season and this I have to share.  “Expect to find fashion forward designer dresses, coats, pants, tops and gorgeous designer heels, flats or boots at seriously clear the floor discounted prices. The leader in South African luxury designer wear, Errol Arendz and the luxury ready to wear collection, Errol Arendz – DuSud, is African in origin but international in essence. There is something for everyone at the Warehouse Sale, from classic winter and summer staples to jaw dropping designer creations.” I have made proper plans for the coming (month-end) weekend to hit up Errol Arendz’s Head office with great hope to treat myself to all things luxe with a timeless edge.


Details: No 31 14th Street, Eastgate Gardens, Marlboro

Times: Friday, 26 & Saturday, 27: 10am – 8pm, Sunday, 28: 10am – 5pm

For more information check out” and the facebook page here

See you there!


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