Clive Rundle

I’ve always worn the feelings I have for Clive Rundle’s mastery on my sleeve. My next wish should be wearing sleeves as designed in his recent Spring/Summer collection. He was the first to showcase in an art instillation style this season. This range of seemingly ready-to-wear items had no business ticking boxes. Upon the arrival of fashion’s influentials into the showground, we were treated to a wonderfully eccentric audio of an inkblot examination. Yes, a recording of the acclaimed psychological assessment. Much like products of the Rorschach (and in classic non-conforming Rundle practice), items in the collection appeared standard and pretty functional -as much as fashion and practicality are concerned, yet boasted underlying thought orders, expressed in deconstructive elements. With pristine tailoring, fluid in shape and absolutely up-to-the-minute colour palettes to meet that whole new market he won over, last year already, Clive’s inspiration claimed its own too with splashes of colour to form an exciting vivid pattern, Oh and add-on bits. His “winks” were added bow-ties on shirts’ wrists, perfectly bespoke mini jackets (collars, covered buttons, pockets and all) styled back-to-front atop blouses and in the finale when he stylishly veiled his models. Nobody really understands the process behind Clive Rundle’s lauded work, but we love him nonetheless… I love him most!

Clive Rundle

Clive Rundle






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