My Broken Twill Edge totally found!!


Remember when I wanted an in with Wrangler’s super awesome winter 2013 campaign aptly titled “Find Your Edge”? Well, I am crazy happy to report that the edge is absolutely nearly met. I haven’t gone on that fashionistahood of the travelling pants adventure as yet, but demmet, I am so close I can almost taste the dust from sand-boarding. I have found my edge in Wrangler’s newly revived zigzag-weaved Broken Twill. Invented in 1964 (come on, this is fate,) the unique weave is known to eliminate an ever so annoying leg seam-twisting situation even when the denim is washed. This technology has further enhanced comfort, durability and flexibility of denimwear *insert an air-punch for rad pointers*. This season, the jeanpant has shown brilliant growth in the keeping-up-with-the-awesomest department and created a modern and beautifully distressed collection aburst with character. I wore mine (“W” top stitch and all) at an opening of a pop-up store and styled it in a street style referenced fashion, complete with brogues, an unrolled turn-up, a silk sweater and a trilby. You see, I have worn some really great jeans in my life and I have to say, these must be my first most fuss free and completely easy to style pair. I’ve got a good mind to flirt with an idea to gather a few more, besides, this match has already been fortified by something new (for me), something blue (duh) and something old (you don’t need me to hook you up with a history lesson).


BTW, if you buy these at any Stuttafords nationwide, you will recieve a Wrangler Heritage Tee! Can't say they ain't cool!!!

BTW, if you buy these at any Stuttafords nationwide, you will recieve a Wrangler Heritage Tee! Can’t say they ain’t cool!!!


2 thoughts on “My Broken Twill Edge totally found!!

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