Vesselina Pentcheva MJ AND STUFF SAFW

You know how (normally) really old people never miss a chance to share that seeing a bride sashaying down the aisle can bring bucket-loads of tears to the most unbelieving of romantics? –(okay, I’ve just made up the bucket loads bit and the sentiment means buck to me because ain’t nobody ever invites yours trully to their wedding, I haven’t been to a wedding in nine whole years, yes I am hinting and frustrated as hell…Hinting)I came quite close to catching a giant, erm, thing in my eye when Vesselina Pentcheva’s romantic collection fit for a fine-looking bridal party walked own the fashion aisle at SAFW. Inspired by the moonlight of Shakespeare’s Midsummer Night’s Dream; “where human and magical worlds collide” this particular range was all kinds of delicate with the focus on soft draping, skirts which’s volumes were masterfully textured and corseted bodices to keep the very lady signature of the Vesselina brand. As much as this collection echoed love in every sense, I am for the amount of work that went into all of that pretty. Highly enchanted!!

MJ AND STUFF Vesseline Pentcheva SAFW

Vesselina Pentcheva SAFW MJ AND STUFF

SS 2013 Vesselina Oentcheva

Oh, here comes the bride!

Oh, here comes the bride!


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