When socks just make you so damn happy!!

Happy Socks MJ AND STUFF

I tweeted the other day that “I openly judge and sometimes look down on people who wear unmatched socks”. As it always pens out, I have a sad little friend who thinks the opinions I air out on social networks have everything to do with him. Sad I say.  Anyway, yes, I cannot stand mismatching socks quite on the level as I despise counterfeit crap or a mindset which comes across as that. Take for instance, the way every Tom Dick, Harry and their middle dude-cousin thinks they own Happy Socks –referring to their bright coloured socks. What utter f**kery!? I understand an aspiration point and I am all for whishing, hoping and making plans to get a pair of the fabulous Swedish designed hosiery, I know I do. The only problem I have is, when you start telling people that any pair you have with a bit of character is Happy Socks. That right there makes me mad as hell. Call things by their names or shut it.

MJ AND STUFF Happy Socks

Geeeee!! Now that was a rant. I think it’s pretty clear that I am a great fan of Happy Socks. Am for every single pattern they have ever put out since the inception in 2008 and I really don’t have any excuse to stock up on a few pairs. While I do the right thing over here, I suggest that you check out their current Spring Summer campaign *images below* shot by Joel Rhodin in Barcelona and Stockholm. So happy!!!











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