Bomber Jacket Mr Price MJ AND STUFF

I have such difficulty trying to write a fashion post without a giant sting of newity. You know… a whole blog post that doesn’t report or break anything new in fashion. This small piece is to alert you all, dearest thread loving people –about an inimitable clothing item that still runs afore fashion packs, many decades since its introduction as utilitarian uniform. Yes, the BOMBER JACKET. I can’t really dare deem it one of winter 2013’s greatest “comebacks”. I mean, I know a lot of people who have owned bombers for years (myself included –6 years with one and  4 with the other) and we managed to style it into our wardrobes every winter. This year, merely reverberates many different re-makes in order to mark trend boxes but fact remains, the BOMBER JACKET has never really left. To affirm this statement, Jonathan Evans, penned a nodding note for ESQUIRE magazine and its significance was very apparent if Lanvin’s showcase in Paris earlier this year was anything to go by. Lucas Ossendrijver took a less extravagant avenue with the Fall 2013 collection. Instead, his creative direction seemed to cater to “the forgotten man” too by including heritage pieces in the wide range –great to have seen the zip-up bomber walking down the runway, verifying an uncompromising position in the coming winter.


The Lanvin Way!!

The Lanvin Way!!

I have recently adopted a new BOMBER JACKET from Mr Price’s Jackets & Denim range and I am super tempted to spend all of my winter swathed in it, for it is crazy perfect. I wore it to a football game last week and I will wear it again in a whole lot more of coming pictures. Everything about it represents where I am in style; the length, the fit, the feel and without being outlandish, *insert rapturous laughter here* this bomber holds its own and still allows me infinite ways to style it up or down.

Mr Price Bomber Jacket MJ AND STUFF

If by some sort of a sad chance, you don’t own a BOMBER JACKET, I advice to do the right thing this winter and whether you go for a timeless number like me in these pics or if you aim for a more trendy vibe, always remember to never-ever refer to it as a comeback trend, it’s been here for years.

Mahlatse James Bomber Jacket Mr Price MJ AND STUFF

Mr Price Bomber Jacket  Mahlatse James MJ AND STUFF


You can buy my Mr Price BOMBER JACKET here XOXO


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