South African Fashion Week, Cutterier by Laz Yani

SAFW Cutterier by Laz Yani

There is absolutely nothing I hate quite like unimaginative designers. I’m not in the business of forcing duties upon people, because being a creator myself; I know how it feels to sometimes have your neck in too deep, merely because one’s end goal was growth… alone! That being said, I still insist that if a designers’ aesthetic repudiates elevation maybe it’s time to find a new position in the workroom –just sayin’! One designer whose recent work keeps me inspired is Laz Yani’s CUTTERIER, which is receiving much deserved crazy love ever since stepping off the runway at #SAFW. Anyone who has had a chance to meet Laz in person, will testify that deny that he truly is an awesome human and this factor was revealed to a degree in his show at South African fashion week with Thandizwa Mazwai’s Thongo Lam (Iyeza) blazing in the backround as the first model went down the ramp, styled with a bird nest ornament worn as headgear covering most parts of the face. I appreciate the fact that the Eastern Cape Native dude cannot possibly be faulted as a thinking designer. Cutterier’s Spring Summer collection is said to be inspired by the travelling woman and sensibly, Laz being a gifted fashion technician that he is, he masterfully created a collection out of a selection of wrinkle-free fabrics, allowing the garments to return to their original state even after being packed. The versatility in this line is not very far from impeccable as it is advantageously stunning across body shapes –I’m talking one dress that will work wonders on a size 2 as it would on… say, perhaps a size 12. With reason, this resort collection seems to gather good hype too. I spotted Metro fm’s Carol Ralefeta and Luthando Sosha from Live Amp looking flawless at the SAMAs, wearing pieces from the line. LOL, I suppose this puts insane pressure on designers whose only objective is pretty clothes, AS IT SHOULD!!!

CUtterier by Laz Yani SAFW

Laz Yani Cutterier SAFW



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