Bittersweet vibes will be the death of me. Bitter in that this post marks the final Cult Collective giveaway for this month, so I gotta make it a good one and the sweet bit is a grand opportunity to meet all the winners who will get to attend the second collection’s launch event next week. To round it all up, I have to draw from an interesting week I have had and it amazingly centres on conversations around branding from all possible spheres. My interest is personal branding sans adopting cocky manners –obviously, the fashion aspect of it. I would expect that by now you know quite a bit about Cult Collective and would agree that even though it is a fairly new brand, affiliates of the label have expressionism as a familiar trait and as it is known, this translates personal branding. We live in an exciting age around throbs and tribes of fashion defined subcultures and I love that the existence of a nonconformist brand like Cult Collective makes it a whole lot easier to look good whilst finding one’s identity. I have probably mentioned in almost every post thus far, that I got to hang out with Miroslav Bijelich and Willam Ndatila –the label’s creators and hardcore activists of all things awesome (yeah, I said it). The duo shared with me that even though planning and curating the collection is as pleasurable as it is imaginable, it is entirely up to the wearer how they fit it into their personal brands. I appreciate that they have no interest in dictating how we should brand ourselves -almost assuming a role as providers of that much desired element of cool. This week’s collection is a bit self serving (as it is a primary requirement of any personal brand), I would love to know, how do you define your personal brand and how would you incorporate Cult Collective into it?

You know the drill, Tweet me @Mahlatsej and hit me up with comments here below or via the blog’s facebook page here.

Congratulations to last week’s winners; Terrence Crestwell and Andrew. S –I’ll be in touch with info about your t shirts and double tickets to the launch event.


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