South African Fashion Week Vinjay Shah Jewellery

I am known in the circles I navigate as “he who wears the hell out of statement jewellery” and there ain’t no shame in my game. My spirited approach to topical charms and trinkets has every bit to do with damning the notion that one “should always remove one item before leaving the house”. If anything, I go the whole nine yards and counter everything expressed in this sentiment. When I leave my house, I make it a point to stack on more conversation pieces. Verification of this highly observable custom of mine was well fed when I developed all kinds of crushes for Vijay Shah’s creations which accompanied clothing designed by a few of Durban’s finest as part of their KZN Fashion Council/ eThekwini Municipality showcase at the recent #SAFW. Part of me finds it utterly silly that some people dare consider some jewels as”a bit too much” for them, but then again, you either have IT or you pay somebody large sums of moolah to plan IT for you. I fell in lust with almost every piece designed by the award winning jeweller, silently making plans to coordinate them alongside many of my own gathered relics. All because my life centres around the belief that MORE IS SO MUCH MORE!!

Vinjay Shah Jewellery SA FASHION WEEK

sa fashion Week KZN Fashion Council eThekwini Municipality Vinjay Shah Jewellery


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