Muzi Cross dressing fierceness!

It is my luck in life to meet and interact with fabulous people almost all the time. I have had to hang with all sorts of characters and once the lazy bug lets go of me (let-not-go-thy-breath), I just might share a few tales that will M-form even the bushiest of brows –see what I did there? Lol! In the meantime, I would like to cattle call all the lady-boys I know and the rest who are in dire need of help in the makeup department (we all know somebody) to stand in attention and read up on an announcement of a paramount importance. You see, if you are going to publicly do the gender-bender thing, you best do it right because I –together with a mob of strangers, will partake in exaggeration themed round table discussions about your epic shortcomings. An advisable way to avoid being in the subject line of an email shared between a close circle of 800 “friends”, is to establish sensible relations with my darling friend @Muzi_Z. As you can probably tell from the above image, he has no interest in a life below the fierceness line and let me confirm that everytime he switches it up, it is BANG on the money. Working as a representative for MAC puts him in a perfect position to serve as a guru to those in need. Muzi has since gone to embark on hosting “Make Up Lessons: The Muzi Edition” where he expertly educates and advices on getting one’s face right. I’m talking everything, from basics to specifics. Naturally –well, as natural as such a state of affairs could possibly be, I will keep you in know regarding future events of this kind. The last thing we want is to see anybody looking like a racoon forced to go on carrot stick diet. Yeah, I said it!

One thought on “LET MUZI MAKE YOU UP!!

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