Mahlatse James featured in a PUMA shoot

Funny how a simple conversation can breed an idea so big it goes beyond one’s expectations. A few weeks ago, I had a lengthy chat with a dear photographer friend about my affiliation with PUMA –as I do in many conversations lately. We went on about some onlookers’ suggestive perceptions about my ambassadorship for the sports and lifestyle label and how I would fit in. The thing about my “look” is, I am able to make almost anything work for me if I believe in it and I guess to a certain degree, this is part of the reasons why the awesome people at PUMA found me fitting to represent their brand. I am one flexible fashion person. In our little yak with @TsholoDaFellow we kept circling around the need to stretch this attitude and maybe educate anyone with an interest to broaden their sartorial perspective. He, funny bloke that he is, came up with an angle he so creatively titled #OpperationBuryTheHaters and I flew suit because I strongly believe that if people don’t get you and your choice of clothing, the only way to modify their sad views is by making sure you keep rocking it hard and if they still don’t get it, let them eat dust. The result of this said three-day-long conversation was the need to conduct an awesome photoshoot, using a collection of items currently retailing at PUMA concept stores right here in SA. Plans were made and before I knew it, we had set camp(s) across many of Joburg’s inner city spots and made an event out of last week Monday’s afternoon. My motive was very clear from the get-go. I needed to select pieces I am crazy about (totally kept most of them) and try to showcase various ways I would style and wear them, as I hit the streets –five very different ways to be exact. His mastery snapping skills helped achieve this beyond my belief. Not only did we have an awesome time shooting in downtown Joburg, the wardrobe was amazing, the weather played nice too and if reactions from people in the streets are anything to go by, this is likely to reign as the best shoot I have featured in by far -so intensely real, my kind of style and so very PUMA. Hopefully, you will love as much we do!

Concrete Stylo Vibes!

Concrete Stylo Vibes!

It's all in the blue details!

It’s all in the blue details!


Halt on-coming traffic!

Halt on-coming traffic!


Stylin' active shoes into that classic monochrome!

Stylin’ active shoes into that classic monochrome!


If loving black and red is wrong... I don't wanna be right!

If loving black and red is wrong… I don’t wanna be right!


Gettin' streety with it!

Gettin’ streety with it!


An ode to a buddying subculture!

An ode to a buddying subculture!


Eevery little thaaang counts!

Every little thaaang counts!


Walking in for it!

Walking in for it!


Camo so phly!

Camo so phly!

Check out the rest of the images on my facebook page and of course the blog’s page too.



  1. L.O.V.E this article, not only because I’m a fan of @TsholoDaFellow’s work but because I got to know what MahlatseJ was all about. Tsholo told me a lot about you, but the story is always better straight fom the horse’s mouth. I’m officially a fan, will defintely be keeping a lookout for you.
    You did well for yourself and I wish you all the best.

    • Well Thank you Ntombi!
      Yes. Tsholo is all kinds of great and I had an amazing time working with him.
      I cannot wait my future projects with him.
      Thank you once again.

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