Mahlatse James wears a Mandarin collar jacket

Eish, but being a liker of things. I bought this jacket *see pics* about a year ago and only wore it twice outside this house. The first time was to a dressier industry event on an odd nippy evening last September and I can safely say that it looked all kinds of horrid, hence no images of that –can’t say I don’t care enough to spare your eyes. The second time was quite recent at one of those open sky music festival gigs. A hip-hop gig to be precise. You see, assuming a role on the pulse of fashion often means that one’s life is made up by risks. In a bid to avoid making it on some random Tumblr’s list of faux pas (see how I hint nothing about dripping swag), I took my claret and black paisley print “Chinese collar” jacket to a young dance in the sun. In all honesty, I wasn’t really feeling going for the streety vintage look, neither was I feeling exceptionally skinny on that particular day, thus I styled the jacket alongside an oversized low flung neckline vest tucked into a pair of Levi’s jeans using a burnished Scarlet red skinny belt to split the jumpsuit effect. It didn’t hurt that I wore black and red PUMA hightops either -a coherent theme is crazy important. I know that I will receive a phone call from one of my aunts as soon as this post goes live because growing up, I had a believe that a Mandarin collar was only reserved for religious leaders (maybe Catholic priests?) or the white bearded hero dude who never gets beat-up in an old Kung-Fu flick and closer to home, an uncle of my late Mother’s who still only wears it in the most lively of suits to date. I quite like that this was not a major risk per se, but I do believe that I have achieved some sort of a look which somewhat set me apart. Am I likely to play around with this short, unfolded, erect collar neckline? Hells yeah, watch out for it and I highly recommend it for anyone with an interest in a bit of an edge to everyday styling. In Mandarin collar, I trust!

Mahlatse James Chinese collar jacket

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