Puma Social Jozi MJ AND STUFF

Dear Jo’burg based readers; my giveaway this month is as awesome as ever. Instead of the usual prize –which I know you have enjoyed so much, this month I would like to invite a few of you to come and hang out with me and my less than normal bunch of friends over drinks at the #PUMASocialJozi -beers, coolers and wines on the tab. Yes, Friday the 14th of June 2013 marks the night where we will be dropping it down low and bringing it up slow. This is a rad chance to catch up in person and jam to eclectic music spun by Matt Suttner, Kid Fonque and Das Kapital (see poster below). If this sounds like your kind of gig, you are more than welcome to hit me up with your full name in the comment box here below, via twitter @Mahlatsej or on the blog’s facebook page here. I will select winners based on the coolest comments and all you need to do is tell me what you love about the #PUMASocialJozi.



Before you ahead and plan a killer outfit for the do, here are a few Ts&Cs to mull over:

  • I will need your comments with a full name before Tuesday evening.
  • You will need to come to the PUMA Social Club before 7pm on Friday the 14th of June.  If you arrive late and there is a queue outside, we will not be able to bring you in front –ain’t nobody got time for “African time”.
  • Each guest will receive a wrist band which allows you to order one drink at the bar per time.
  • There will be no +1s on my guest list and if you would like to invite people I advice that you lead them to register at www.pumasocialjozi.co.za

Let’s make a date out of it. 14-06-2013 it is!



  1. Haha sooo,I’m the first to comment….*clears throat*, I’ve aaaalways wanted to go to the Puma social club,last time we stood in the line for hoooours and just decided to go to Kitcheners.this would be such an awesome time to go,plus you’d get to see me in my “fierce top”(your words :-P)…SHUCKS!! Id get to fiiinally meet YOU!! On a serious note though,I’d really like to check it out

  2. ℓa:p
    ! ℓ☺ℓ okay here it goes….. m way brutally Honest! IV NEVA heard of PUMA social club..so dis is sumfing new to me.Exciting”Target” more intrested to attend the function COS MJ is finally thee ambassador .The MJ ι know wasn’t this FINE hot Fashionist….so Crazzzzzzzly wana see the NEW MJ in this amazing MOJo..let’s Do this!!(”,)

  3. I reckon it offers something new, vibrant with loads of fun filled entertainment, wherelse can you play and party at the same time whilst connection and meeting other social intellectuals? I would Kill to be there!!! it’s just an absolute MUST! **Respect The Hangover**

  4. Phirima Fiasco please , Can i get an invite to the puma social club i would love to be there, it will be my first time #$%$$%$%$%$%$%

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