MJ AND STUFF Mahlatse James

I think I can finally assertively proclaim that I have “the thing”. You know, “the thing” that most people claim to have when it comes to finding one-of-a-kind pieces *crosses fingers*. Not to brag (who am I kidding) but I think it takes some fine skill to aim for a hidden spot, negotiate prices with unfamiliar “dealers” and come out with a fashion piece desired by at least 5 people everytime you take it to the streets. I have endless tales about heaps of stuff I have collected over the years whilst trying to perfect this popular expertise.  One of my favourite items this winter is the red cardigan with four gold double breast buttons and two more adorning each side of the roll-out lapels. I’ll have you know, it’s not easy playing with this piece because as much as it probably appears easy to style, the final result could result in something dreadful –I have witnessed far too many faux pas. My approach is to always contradict whatever theme the rest of my outfit lauds. On my less-thought-out casual days, it gets to beam a little and when I’m feeling a little dressier –every other day really, I allow it to do the squeal silently. Yeah, I think I do have an eye for “the thing”.

Mahlatse James red cardigan MJ AND STUFF


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