My dad is one of the few people who recognised my hard fashioning tactics from a very young age and looking at his pictures when he was my age, I can very well declare that the apple has NOT fallen from the tree at all. Parts of it are quite creepy really. In the few conversations we had about clothes, “Didi”(My dad. DON’T ASK) would always urge me to please try and grow up with my style. To keep my signature style with me at all times. You know, the last thing you want is to be a 40-something year old street style veteran still in contest with twinks –yeah we see you! I understand that a lack of edufashion could result in inappropriate styling as one ages, but on the real, the more you think about it, the less organic it is and you end up looking sad –I said we see you there. If you investigate my style from people who haven’t seen me in the last four or five years, they are likely to drop codes around dark, spirited and sometimes borderline Goth –yeah, chains and whips excited me when I was 17. Now in my mid twenties, still on a mission to try and sagaciously keep bits of my signature, RELIGION clothing makes it all very easy. “Remaining true to the label’s dark and deconstructed signature, Religion delves into white magic for their Spring/Summer 2013 collection, as they continue to evolve their take on contemporary men and womenswear”. There is a fashion angel after all. I don’t know if the label intends to blur gender lines but some of the best pieces in my wardrobe are bought from the fairer rail. I am not mad at the guys’ stuff though, their fit is always incomparable with just the right amount of edge. My crushes from this collection include their renowned range of denim which is awash with tints, prints and shades in various shapes and cuts. Don’t get me talking about the knitwear because my little fashion heart might as well go and camp outside the RELIGION store at 44 Stanley. I am for every single distressed jumper and adroitly woven cardigan coming in spring and I know THE SIR will go insane for the drop crotch Chinos. So yes, I think I am growing up with my style and at this point in my life it looks textured, luxe, fluidly fitting and oh so RELIGION!







3 thoughts on “FASHION = MY RELIGION

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