FARAI SIMOYI SS2013 LOOKBOOK: it’s all in the cut.

Farai by Farai Simoyi MJ AND STUFF

You know, I have had these images in my files for a few weeks now. I have discussed Farai Simoyi’s Spring Summer Collection with almost everyone I have encountered in the past month, trying to study the many perspectives to which we fall in love with design. Needles to say that some of these conversations took part in the odd hours and not a lot of participants brought much to the table really. As with most things in my life I danced around it until I formed my own definitions, very much open to your thoughts. I don’t particularly think that this collection scream any obvious orientations, that would have been too easy. I avoided any press material to try and test if my claim to know this fashion thing holds any clout. I do not think it is tribal at all, yet the usage of orient and high slit tunic dresses seem to echo global relevance. The fluidity in the draped pieces meets a strong feminine laud, if the asymmetrical cuts are anything to go by. Just when I thought I could box it, ladylike cut-out details contrast yester-season’s neutrals. After trying my outmost best to figure it out on my own, I rounded up to the name of the collection; Ultra Femmѐ, that’s it. This collection is for any and every women. Beautifully done, I say!

MJ AND STUFF Farai, by Farai Simoyi


Photographer: Jared Fullerton

Model 1 : Elena Baez

Model 2: Carrie Lane

MUA/Hair: Nyla Adridge

Farai Simoyi's Farai MJ AND STUFF


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