Acid wash denim is for me. Rewind some 15 years ago and try to knock this notion into my pre-teen self I would have thought cruel things to precede your name. I vividly remember a silly joke by my aunts, as they waved a pic of one of their cousins wearing a pair and alleging that it was to be my Christmas gift that year. No prize for guessing that I threw a hissy fit and threatened a hunger strike. I was livid. I don’t know if it has anything to do with growing into a fashion person (DUH!!) but I have fallen hook, line and sinker with the 80s piece and it proves to be too difficult to find. Not even my vintage dealers can navigate their hubs to find me anything acid washed… anything really. As lady-luck would have it, I managed to photographed these two lovelies (see pics below and above) kitted in their own acid-washed denims. I suppose it is somewhat solace as I soldier on to find my own.

buhle mj and stuff



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