There is a popular allegation thrown around by people all the time. Something alongside time “flying” when one is busy having fun? Yeah, I don’t get it. When I’m in my groove time stands still and I get down with it. This time last week, I was in communication with a tribe of un-ok-in-the-head friends and winners of this month’s giveaway, making plans to set fire on the dance floor at the #PUMASocialJozi many thanks to those who showed face and the rest…erm..whatevs! we all had crazy amounts of fun, so much fun that when I entrusted one of the winners with my camera to go wild and shoot as many people as possible, I forgot to reset the settings and resulted in a gazillion blurry images –trust me; my ignominy is colossal. If you live in jo’burg and still not been to the PUMA Social Club in Braamfontein, you are missing out on good old awesomery around the coolest bunch of people. I can’t imagine any other manner to spend one’s Friday evening really. See the rest of this month’s line-up on the poster below and register on for free entry and who knows, we just might make a night of it.  You and I, together as social athletes *winks*.  Once again I would like to extend many thanks and all forms of love to everyone who showed up last Friday and I will see you again on the next.

PUMA Social Jozi Line-Up for June 2013

What I wore: Ain't nobody got time for a Benoni Tux over here!!

What I wore: Ain’t nobody got time for a Benoni Tux over here!!



When he hit the decks... F.I.R.E.

When he hit the decks… F.I.R.E.

ain't it funny  how I happen to appear in most "surviving" pics?

ain’t it funny how I happen to appear in most “surviving” pics?




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