MARY SPEAKS: Great Fashion Inspired by Africa


When it comes to difficulties of breaking into this industry, I think I can hold my own in a conversation. Sometimes you just need that one participant to believe in you enough to give your talent a break and for me it was Angie Hattingh –the first editor of ifashion I cannot possibly ever thank her enough. Trying to do a bit of good myself, I am giving this chance to Mary Davis –my newest friend based in Rome who is also a journalism graduate. She will be contributing a few pieces headlined MARY SPEAKS right here on my bloggie. I hope you enjoy her work.


Africa -the world’s wildest continent, known for its authentic designs and the weight carried in its respect for culture. “The mother-land” has become a popular choice for the fashion industry all over the globe. Needless to say, the continent’s distinguished characteristics have inspired worldwide known designers, who have adopted some of the traditional African fashion approaches and brought them straight into the trend lane. Resulting in sale figures going sky high which then means that these practices are very well received… with reason of course. These are just some of the products and brands which seem to be right on a roll.




It’s not only African locals that have taken a walk on the wild side, but celebrities from all over the world are rocking the animal print look,  including Rihanna, Beyoncé  and Jennifer Lopez. This style is a huge piece of Africa, worn with pride and elegance. Bright and exotic, animal print resembles Africa’s nature and has made its way across the globe, introducing a piece of Africa to every corner of the planet.




These cute and useful handbag designs are quickly taking the world by storm due to their stylish and fashionable look and inspirational significance. These bags came from a design originally inspired by African women, who take their time producing each item themselves. The materials are cleaned and disinfected before being woven into fashionable, brightly coloured shoulder bags. Ryan Clark, an inspiring designer, came up with the idea to promote these bags on higher scale, with the received sales injected back into the community, providing them with a steady income. These beautifully handmade bags are great for the beach.



Sindiso Khumalo, designer of these contemporary bold graphic prints, is definitely a hot pick for this year.  The bold and graphic prints really bring an edge to the designs, which incorporate them perfectly, in line with Africa’s most dominant of fashion styles. The bold coloured prints work perfectly when paired with whites.




This super stylish shoes by Matt Burnson are a must have this season. Designed with African tenting canvas, the shoes, along with a brushed metal circle pulls are made by the people of Kenya, and are the perfect and stylish choice, whether you aim for those long and hot African days or just looking pretty. The colours also resemble foliage and jungle style patterns.

Written by: Mary Davis

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