Marc Jacobs for Coke Light

If you claim to have an interest in the fashion industry and still don’t know about Marc Jacobs’ recent affiliation with Coca-Cola Light®, well I suggest that it is about time you switch your focus from threads to treats. Yeah… food. Fashion is bustling with insane excitement as the ultimate king of all things sexy and cool Mr Jacobs has been named the exclusive Creative Director of Coca-Cola Light® for 2013. Following in the remarkable footsteps of Gaultier and Lagerfeld (see how I did the last name thing there? It’s faaahshin daaahling!), Marc celebrates the iconic soft drink’s 30th anniversary by designing a limited edition package highlighting his favourite styles which best define fabulous women of fashion over three decades. Genius? I’ll say! On a personal tip; my friends and I have injected a lot of newity to our people watching sessions –yes, it’s a thing. Everywhere we station ourselves, we commence on a search for these three different women. An “I heart 80s”woman is undoubtedly empowered with elements of timeless tailoring, theatrical hints and oh so very strong. An “I heart 90s” woman I know so very well because I grew up around her and as she adopted an extravagant attitude, claiming a position in an era which married music, art and fashion. Paying homage to a modern day “I heart 00s’ design is a playful and lighthearted illustration of the sporty-cool decade, embodying humour, sexuality and energy. The evocative silhouette is directly inspired by the Marc Jacobs Spring / Summer 2013 runway show”. Every single one of these creations represents both Marc Jacobs and Coca-Cola Light ® beautifully. All very expressive. Now this one diet, I WILL BE ON!

SOoo.... which are you?

SOoo…. which are you?


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