Can’t SKIP the Fashion Exchange, it’s your DESTINY!

Fashion Exchange MJ AND STUFF

I have only ever been to one real swop party in my life. Well not just one event, more like a few seasonal swop shindigs all hosted by one organiser –quite fun, I must say… wonder what happened to those. There is absolutely nothing quite as thrilling as a link-up with people on the same wave length, networking a bit and swopping a blouse for perfect fitting pants or fabulous jeans for a stunning blazer or even a timeless frock for a one-of-a-kind scarf… you get my drift. DESTINY magazine has partnered with SKIP detergent once again (after a great success from last year‘s merriments) to provide pleasurable and ethical shopping sessions to Gauteng based enthusiasts.  This year’s Fashion Exchange will take place on the 26th of June, 23rd of August, 23rd October and 23rd November in Johannesburg. On the 1st of August and 25th of September, the event will be held in Pretoria. To talk about their styles and share impactful life stories, the special guests include Ndalo Media and Ndalo Luxury Ventures CEO Khanyi Dlomo, musician Unathi Msengana and fellow radio disk jock Anele Mdoda. SKIP ambassadors will also be at the event, extending well versed expert advice on how to care for one’s clothing. Partaking in these Fashion Exchanges is quite easy really; first you will need to book a ticket by contacting Shaakirah Van Rensburg via email on or give her a ring on 011 300 6700. Once that is secured, you can commence searching for three good quality items from your closet, clean, mend what needs to be mended and package them in an ideal condition to take to the swop. Then you can encourage all your friends with good taste to do the same and aim for a fabulous time and even more fabulous “new” additions to your wardrobe.



2 thoughts on “Can’t SKIP the Fashion Exchange, it’s your DESTINY!

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