Sooo involved in the PUMA Creative Factory!!


Mahlatse James PUMA Creative Factory

In my line of work, versatility is hugely advantageous. I know I always go on-and-on about the necessity for one to arm oneself with as many skills as possible but it forms part of a prerequisite. Lord knows I have my fingers dipped in many pies. My recent stroke involved reigniting a passion for design thanks to the PUMA Creative Factory’s newest rad movement. Together with a few really cool people, I was invited to exercise the fresh Creative Factory suitcase where I got to design my very first pair of kicks. Before going into the concept store in Braamies, I played around with a variety of concepts, staying in line with the brand’s strong philosophies and forming my own idea. Upon my arrival -with an awesome assistant dude in tow, stunned would be an understatement as I found such an incredible selection of materials and add on details at my disposal. There was no way I wasn’t going to seize this opportunity to employ my inventiveness. “The two base footwear styles offered are The Basket — Hailing from the basketball courts of yesteryear, this shoe is a leather version of PUMA’s classic Clyde. It’s reissued here, from 1971, in all its original glory – minus the sweatbands and handlebar mustaches. The First Round — Inspired by the big hoop dreams of basketball draft picks, the original silhouette was issued back in 1987. This shoe maintains its signature high profile, padded collar and smooth moves.” My design is based on the latter and I chose a black and gold theme. I took to experimenting with texture the most (see the tease image below) a bit of bling, bits of glossy, matte and perforated leather and all round street glam vibes. All the other true after-hours athletes might also be lucky enough to spot the mobile unit at the PUMA Social Club in Jozi where it will occasionally make an appearance on Friday nights. And keep on the lookout for my pair because I will be hyping it crazy when it comes out.

Mahlatse James shoe design for PUMA Creative Factory

PUMA Creative Factory Mahlatse James


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