It is funny how I always attempt to steer away from being “defined”, especially whenever I feel bullied and duty-bound to put my choices out there. One of the many questions I get asked is about the colours I wear each season. I try my hardest to tango around it and always fail dismally. Not because I wish to keep it top secret, but merely because fashion runs my life and not the charming other way around. For instance, I stocked up on a lot of black for this season. I went wild (well, as wild as one could possibly go with fashion’s favoured shade) with slim shapes and separates similar to something out of an early eighties English lookbook adorned with Neo-Goth textures. Just when I thought I have my look down to a T, images of my social engagements seem to verify a different sort of attraction. It is almost as though this winter 2013, I looked to the sky in the cheesiest manner imaginable. I happen to be formed a comfortable alliance with as many shades of blue known to mankind. It’s so bizarre, I don’t even recall consciously aiming for it and the shapes couldn’t possible shift any further from my initial lean plan. I have gone and took all I can from the genius stylings as seen on Yohji Yamamoto’s Paris shows since 2011. There is something very streety and part grungy about the overall look but great attention has been paid to fine tailoring of each piece and they could probably function as statement singles. Pants are a little roomier and hemmed near perfection. The top part is all about stirring layers, sometimes voluminous, sometimes fluidly fitted. As far as texture is concerned, I seem to have widened my horizon across knits, silks, denim, wool, pure cotton and luxe suiting. To round it all off, I bring in activity vibes by wearing heritage designed running shoes. Oh I think I’m feeling blue. I’m feeling so very blue and I love it.

Mahlatse James wearing Blue MJ AND STUFF


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