Lala Hirayama MJ AND STUFF

I do not think there is a bad picture of Lalla Hirayama out there. Not that I have bothered looking, I think I probably have a gazillion images of her from almost all our professional interactions and not one, I mean despite some shot under horrid lighting and some caught when she probably did not care to pose. Ladies and gents, when I think about ultimate beauty, an image of Lalla’s pretty face emerges from all parts of my head. I have also witnessed that lately she has been flirting with some serious fashioning tactics too. In this pic here, she looks all kinds of gorgeous in a short sleeved cerise pink Mathew Williamson shift dress. I adore the jewelled neckline and delicate pleat lines to bring a lady-like tulip shape. Talk about a perfect knee length. I seriously cannot imagine anyone else rocking this dress quite like she does. Bless her good taste for pairing it with those black gloss finished peep-toe high heels, very lady I say. Oh, and if you are going to try and find a bad picture of hers after reading this… I pity you!


One thought on “OH SO VERY PRETTY LALLA.

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