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I often get asked if it all ever gets too much. For reasons unknown to mankind people wonder if I get tired of talking about shoes and bags and belts and stuff. The simple answer is; NO. It’s all I ever talk about, it’s all I’m really good at and quite frankly, it is bundles of fun too. Besides, how can it possibly ever get tiring if I get to interact with the likes of Jerri Mokgofe? Well actually there is NO ONE quite like my dear friend. Jerri always manages to feed my ever so famished desire for some fierce fashions. I have tried my hardest to define this sick individual and the best I can come up with always rounds to stating the obvious. Jerri is an expressionist-slash-maximalist-slash a street style photographer’s dream I say the latter because it is very difficult to imagine him in a social setting sans infinite flashes and lenses erecting in his direction. Even when he flirts with minimalism, he serves it so darn good. Never in my life have I ever seen him out in the streets looking shabby even on an odd Saturday morning when we hit up downtown for relics, Jerri BRINGS IT hard, everytime. He is the axis of many great fashion conversations and holds his own in his well versed (and especially visible) dialogs too. Once upon a few years ago there was a silly joke (probably started by an incensed non-participant), alleging that all bloggers ever do is gate-crush events and take pictures of each other.LOL. Well but we are a well styled tribe and this has absolutely nothing to do the fact very often Jerri winks at me and my threads via his blog here and there. For as long as Jerri Mokgofe fashions as beautifully as he does, I am super confident that the state of style is well wrapped.




5 thoughts on “IN JERRI I TRUST!

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