My friends always crap on me for almost always representing “loud” fashion and assuming very little of the, erm seemingly “regular” fashioned people. I am from the school of thought echoing that if one’s so deemed sense of style doesn’t spark a conversation; it doesn’t really have much business stepping out of your house. This little principle of mine was fast swept under the carpet when I took some time out to view fashion from the rest of the normal (whatever in the hell that might mean) world’s perspective. Exhibit A: Mpumi Mcata from the BLK JKS –fellow PUMA brand ambassadors, has the cool guy factor without never-ever trying too hard. Well, he at least doesn’t look like it and yet we cannot discount that since he is one of the first few locals to catch an eye of the blogger supreme, slash globally adored fashion voices, slash photographer known to many as THE SARTORIALIST. So there definitely is something there, In fact he is the ONLY human who makes me take endless amounts of twist and turns in admiration of his understated-ness. This is the ONLY time you will ever see/read/hear me lauding such a thing. There you have it friends, he is all kinds of cool.


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